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An experienced web designer with a passion for rewarding user experience

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Ali Mansouri. An experienced web designer with a passion for rewarding user experience, lean functional design and open source.

If you'd prefer you could also call me a User Experience (UX) Engineer, a Mobile UX Expert, a User Interface Designer, or a Front-end Developer. Personally, I think Web Designer is easier. I'm very good at making websites but I'm not a Ninja, Guru or Rockstar, that would be ridiculous.

A specialist

I've earned a reputation making Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Opencart & Dotnet Nuke sites that are exceptionally fast, accessible and coded to the highest possible standards though I'm quite at home on a range of platforms. My speciality is lean, fast and elegant html and css and I'll use whatever tool best fits the job, whether that's a static site generator like Jekyll, a light-weight CMS like Anchor or Ghost or a full-blown framework like Joomla.

A family man

I'm a happily married father of three who enjoys good eatin' and great ale. At the weekends I try to stay away from my desk and enjoy family life. Working at the weekend is unproductive and makes me grumpy.

Ali Mansouri
I'm the left one. This isn't the view from my garden.


I'm at my most sociable online with Twitter as @persiawebmart, and it's by far the easiest way to get hold of me. I'm also on Facebook and I occasionally post shots of my work on Dribbble if that's your thing. So feel free to say hi, or just stalk me. Whatever.


I'm also on Google+, but i'm not very active. I use LinkedIn only to ensure my spam filters are kept busy so if online profiles are your thing, check me out on Zerply, it's far less ugly.

Ali Mansouri, looking good with cans.

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Hey there! Do you think I might be a good match for your next project? Great.

You can get started simply by telling me know what you have in mind. You can call me on Skype with call to persia

Also you can get started simply by letting me know what you have in mind. You can contact me on Twitter at @persiawebmart for a quick response or, if you'd like to be a little more verbose, email me at Ali.Mansoury at yahoo or

Prefer something more personal? You can call me on +98 912 187 6637. If I don't answer it's probably because I'm coding, designing, head-down, with headphones on so please leave a message and I'll call you back.