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Technical Specifications of Samim Co IPTV System

The Samim Co. IPTV system is an integrated product designed and developed to be used in places such as hotels, hospitals, schools, university campuses, residential complexes and cultural centers. The basic services that can be delivered over a network include:
  • Video on-demand
  • Live TV/Radio broadcast
  • Advertising management for broadcast programming
  • Music on-demand
  • Data transmission channel
  • Live programming recording and delayed play-back
  • Internet access
  • Integration and development with existing computer infrastructures
  • Network connectivity using different methods (mobile phone, desktop computer, TV receiver (STB))
This system can be fully customized and modified to fit the users’ specific applications. For example, in hotels, this system can be adapted to the customer management program and linked to the management, reception or other departments.

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